Strategic Planning

an eye for strategic business planning

A strategic plan is analytical thinking and commitment of resources to action. It is by itself not a business plan. Strategy cannot eliminate risks. Because we cannot predict the future, risks must be taken. The purpose of strategy is to not to eliminate risk but to take the "right risks". An adaptive strategy deals with competing people and long-term planning in dealing with objects. Innovation is at the core and how to embrace the uncertainty of the environment, exploring it for opportunities.

Leveraging Your Business' Best Attributes

From immediate to long-term viability, firms need to have 3 horizons working in tandem:

  • 1 - 12 months: Operational Optimisation
    1 - 3 years: Growth
    3 - 10 years: Creating the Future

Our process of "appreciative inquiry" gives your company a boost by leveraging what you already do well. It's a positive approach to change that focuses on probing a firm's best attributes and practices:

  • (1). Discover the "best of what is" - where the firm's processes worked perfectly.
    (2). "What might be" - envision processes that would work perfectly all the time.
    (3). Design "what should be" - define and prioritise the elements of perfect processes.
    (4). Create a "what will be" vision, based on above analyses.

From Vision to Actuality

  • (1). Mission - where the business needs to go
    (2). Objectives - the key goals to achieve the mission
    (3). Strategy - analysis of what options there are to move forward
    (4). Tactics - how the right strategies are put into action
    (5). Each section carefully synchronised with all others

Factors included but not restricted to:

  • Likely future industry scenario
  • Present and future market overview
  • Customers and channels by segment
  • Customer Service Efficiency & Optimisation Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Competitors analysis & expectations
  • New opportunities
  • Alternative channels to market
  • Product positioning   short videos - "War in the Boardroom" - identifying the right targets.
  • Marketing strategic planning
  • Customer Engagement strategy
  • Marketing effectiveness measurement
  • Business risks - mitigation - compliance - governance
  • Logistics
  • Operational efficiency & personnel planning
  • Funding requirements & strategies
  • Return On Investment

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