Who we are

Pertinax Partnership Business Consultancy Services

Our name The Pertinax Partnership was inspired by the concept of "pertinent", in the dictionary as : "having precise relevance to the matter at hand; to the point; being of striking appropriateness".

Adding character to our name, Pertinax was once a real person, the son of a Roman ex-slave who rose to become Emperor, a reformer and intent on getting things done in an unpredictable and challenging environment.

Our logo represents that we always aim straight for the most pragmatic route to value for money, creating long-term added value for our clients.

Our mindset is on identifying and minimising waste and variance in results. Quality of service, attention to detail, adding value to our client's business and shareholders, are firmly embedded in our culture. See also: "The succesful CEO's best kept secret".

Covering a wide range of business skills and disciplines, our partners are of well rounded senior executive calibre from a wide range of industries and grown through the ranks, from Startups, SME's and multinationals.

We work with in-depth analyses, hands-on collaborative consultation and and respect for our client's resources as the core values of our Business Responsibility.

When trust extended to us, we work to retain it by way of delivering what we promised and by respecting our client's staff, culture, resources and objectives.

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