Outsourced Business Development

Outsourcing your business development and marketing

We help grow enterprises who are ready for their next level up   —   and how to get there in actual practice. Our mission is to assist companies establish a future with a clear path for growth and predictability in a fast changing environment.

Although our main focus is business development in the UK, we also can provide business development and marketing services in most of the major countries of Europe and the US. In certain situations, it makes sense to outsource certain services in order to elevate a company to the next level.

Market evaluation

Before investing in new markets or making substantive changes, it is important to carry out a detailed market evaluation to ensure that investment in time and finance is not only worthwhile, but well-directed. We identify, analyse, and evaluate market opportunities for new products, and identify and evaluate potential channels to market, both direct and indirect. We also analyse industry and market dynamics, barriers to entry, regulation and certifications and the competitive landscape.

Business strategy and planning

Developing a business plan for entering new markets is essential if investment in new market is to be optimised. We assist you in defining strategic and financial targets for market entry according to the budget and resources available. We then develop an action plan with timelines and costs to address business development and management activities, including infrastructure and logistical issues.

Developing alternative channels

We are expert in isolating additional strategic options for growing companies, which can uncover unforseen opportunities for expansion   —   exponential business opportunities that add further return on marketing investment and stakeholder value.

Selling through indirect sales channels if often the most effective way of developing a business, particularly in a new geographic territory. We help you to identify, negotiate and develop relationships with distributors, value-added resellers (VARs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and systems integrators. We also assist in identifying, negotiating and developing strategic alliances. Once negotiated we monitor, manage and motivate partner companies and manage channel conflicts.

Support services

Digital Marketing
Web-based and email marketing are becoming increasingly important. Where appropriate we co-ordinate your digital marketing activities in new product areas and territories to complement and reinforce other channels to market.

Product localization
We work with our clients to package and position their products and services within the market and provide advice and guidance on refining the value proposition for customers.

Presentations and marketing collateral
We assist in the preparation of sales and marketing collateral including presentations, white papers, data sheets, and flyers and other relevant literature.

Promotional activities
Organisation of promotional activities, public relations and production of promotional materials.

Trade events
Representation at trade events including exhibitions, conferences, seminars and networking events.

Development of Sales Operations
If your sales and marketing activities are under achieving, we offer a review service to identify remedial actions to bring the business back on track. We also provide implementation support / coaching and sales training where needed.

Raising Investor Funding & IPO
We have the skilled resources to improve your chances of raising investment and help you to obtain a better valuation for your business by ensuring that your business plan is prepared professionally and that it articulates the investment opportunity clearly and concisely. If you already have a business plan, we would be pleased to review it for you.

Whether you are approaching angel investors, venture capital firms or alternative investors, you only have one chance to make a favourable impression.

Most investors will not look at a proposition twice. Nor will they usually be interested in a proposition that has been "shopped around the market". Unless you have a strong proposition and a professionally-prepared business plan, you are likely to damage your prospects of obtaining funding and waste a considerable amount of management time and effort.

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