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Pertinax Partnership Business Consultancy Services

Visionary business planning & execution results from open communication and a free flow of creative ideas. They are fundamental to creating a distinctive differention that sets the company apart. Being different is better than being better!

Business Analysis & Planning Market Analysis - Evaluation - Planning
Operational Efficiency / Compliance Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Recovery / Turnaround International Business Development
Strategic Alliances Facilitation New technologies: Planning & Launch
Business & Finance Adminstration New Product Development
Venture Funding & IPO Marketing Partnerships
Executive & CEO Networking Brand Development & Strategy
Legal Coordination & Contracts Alternative Channels Development
Management Advisory Support Customer Relations & Analytics
Non-Executive Director Services Corporate Account Management

Our process of "appreciative inquiry" gives your company a boost by leveraging what you already do well. It's a positive approach to change that focuses on probing a firm's best attributes and practices. More : "Uncovering your business' best attributes".

Achieving financial goals and isolation of critical resource requirements are part of the process.

Simplified Processes

Increased Viability — new opportunities through streamlined operations

We are expert in implementing the most efficient and effective processes for all operations. A firm that is aware of its internal processes, its own strenghts and its customers experiences less stress in the company   —   by default extending to its bottom line results.
More : "Simplified processes and resulting efficiency that reflect in customer loyalty".

Turnaround | Troubleshooting

Although resources may be stretched, the kind of bright ideas that can turn the corner can still be generated and implemented, effectively and economically   —   the fewer the resources, the brighter the ideas need to be   —   services we can provide with seasoned executives with a wide range of skills and disciplines.

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