Preparing for Venture Funding

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Preparing a company for raising investor finance often uses up a considerable amount of management time. It is not just about writing a good business plan. That is only part of the story. It is about ensuring the company is in good order and "investment-ready".

From whatever source you are seeking investment, we ensure you are adequately prepared for the process. We save you time and effort and improve your chances of success. We take the weight off you and your management team, allowing you to remain more focused on running your business. Our services include:

Management coaching
We ensure that you understand the fund raising process, are prepared for it, and prepared for consequences in terms of management of the business, corporate governance, and strategy.

Funding strategy
We help you to work out how much investment to raise, when to raise it, and which are the most appropriate types of investor to approach.

We have the skilled resources to improve your chances of raising investment and help you to obtain a better valuation for your business by ensuring that your business plan is prepared professionally and that it articulates the investment opportunity clearly and concisely.

Preparing to approach investors
We ensure that you and your company are fully prepared for the investment process, including:

  • your investment proposition is fully developed and clearly articulated
  • your management accounts are in good order
  • assistance in preparing for due diligence
  • advice on financial controls, financial reporting and corporate governance
  • assisting with the preparation of presentations for investors
  • coaching you on presentations to investors
  • providing business advice on the structuring of transactions with investors
  • assisting with the selection of lawyers for the transaction

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