Business Planning & Implementation

Business planning consultancy services

Sometimes a "leg up" provided by an fresh view from a qualified outsider is needed to get the business back on track to where it should be. Or how to bring into focus a burning vision for the future, brought into existence with the right strategy founded on a thorough market feasibility analysis.

In truth, the solution to a business' long-term success and security is achieved by having 3 horizons working in tandem.

  •        1 - 12 months: Operational Optimisation
  •        1 - 3 years: Business Growth
  •        3 - 10 years: Creating the Future

We have seen large numbers of business models and know from experience what works and what doesn't  —  both from an operational and from an investment perspective.

We will work with you as much as needed, and help create a business plan based on your vision, goals and resources. It results in a living business plan that can be reviewed and revised regularly and that guides your company's objectives forward.

Concise Planning & Future Security

Fortune Favours the Prepared

Many business plans are written solely to secure external funding. Our business plans do much more and provide a simple but strong platform for the long-term future and security of your firm and its business  —  a thoroughly prepared, easy to read practical blue print for sustained expansion and stakeholder value.

In today's "real-time" environment, the perspective of the business' actual strategy and longevity is often blurred out of sight by short-term market share pressures in our increasing "quick results culture", or just for cash-flow reasons.

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