Raising Investor Funding

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Although just about anyone can write a business plan, very few are taken seriously by professional investors, who typically invest in less than 1% of the companies that approach them.

  • Most reject over 90% of the opportunities they see after little more than a cursory review of the business plan. Few, if any, will tell you the true reasons why your proposition has been rejected.
  • Whether you are approaching angel investors, venture capital firms or alternative investors, you only have one chance to make a favourable impression. Most investors will not look at a proposition twice. Nor will they usually be interested in a proposition that has been "shopped around the market".
  • Unless you have a strong proposition and a professionally prepared business plan, you are likely to damage your prospects of obtaining funding and waste a considerable amount of management time and effort.
  • We have the skilled resources to improve your chances of raising investment and help you to obtain a better valuation for your business by ensuring that your business plan is prepared professionally and that it articulates the investment opportunity concisely.

If you already have a business plan, we would be pleased to review it for you.

Business Plan Review

  • Our Partnership uses our own unique scoring system to give you a clear picture of it's strengths and weaknesses and the attractiveness of the business.
  • We provide objective detailed feedback on the key sections of the business plan and financial projections.
  • We provide suggestions and advice for improving the business plan and packaging it for financing.
  • We discuss our views with you and answer your questions either by conference call or in person.
  • We have a sliding scale of charges depending on the stage of development of your business. More information : preparing for venture funding.

Please call us for a no obligation exploratory discussion

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