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Professional Business Planning Services

Many business plans are written solely to secure external funding. Our business planning does much more and provide a simple but strong platform for your business — an easy to read practical blue print for sustained growth, future stability and shareholder value.

Analysis, evaluation and planning
to mirror your business and opportunities

  • If you already have a business plan, we will be happy to review it for you. The Pertinax Partnership uses our own unique scoring system to give you a clear picture of it's strengths and weaknesses and the attractiveness of the business.
  • We provide objective detailed feedback on the key sections of the business plan and financial projections.
  • We provide suggestions and advice for improving the business plan and packaging it for financing.
  • We discuss our views with you and answer your questions either by conference call or in person.
  • We have a sliding scale of charges depending on the stage of development of your business.
  • We provide organizational change, management assistance, strategy development, operational improvement (employing Six Sigma standards where needed), project funding & IPO services   —   in fact, all the support required to accomplish your business' targets, longevity and shareholder value.
  • Achieving financial goals and isolation of critical, but viable, resource requirements are part of the planning process. We work within the client's reality and in close consultation with the senior members.

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Key Strategic Planning Factors and our in-house Six Sigma company efficiency resources.

With in-depth preparation, the right creative "differentness" and strategy for your company and products will always spark into view, increasing customer reach via the most effective route. More : our Marketing Services.

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