Targeted Renewables Marketing

Renewables and Sustainables Marketing Consultancy Services

Sustainability and renewables has become a guiding principle for all companies within the built environment, both internally and externally.

Economic changes and price rises have drastically changed the energy supply landscape, with cost saving now being seen as the main driver for conserving energy.

Our emphasis is on assisting companies who have developed new technologies in the sustainability and renewables arena. Examples are in the field of commercial water-from-air production (domestic and industrial) and offshore high efficiency two-bladed wind turbine technology, to name a few. See also our pages on Venture Funding.

Opportunities are not always obvious

Isolating underlying strategic options that uncover unforseen opportunities for business expansion is part of what we do  —  exponential opportunities that can provide additional return on marketing investment.

Although we are based in the UK, we have broad experience in developing business expansion and marketing programmes in Europe-wide, Australia, US and Far East. We can assist with international business development, or those firms aiming to establish in the UK.

New Technologies

Any new technology or innovation is received with caution for obvious reasons. The launch of any new regime or product requires both concise planning, evaluation and effective communication programme that reassures people, along with its credentials.

Our business model provides for opening doors to new markets for new technologies. This includes relationships with funding sources, strategic partners, energy providers, government departments or clients interested in moving forward with renewable and sustainable product innovation.

Strategic marketing

Services within this emerging sustainability market place range from renewable energy strategy and sustainability programmes to energy efficiency modeling, sustainable building products to simply including PV cells and ground source heat pumps in building projects.

Important is the right strategic view of how to market renewablea or sustainable products. Isolation of the right routes to market is one of the primary factors in the success of any project. The purpose of strategy is to take "the right risks".

Overall, the sustainability and renewables industry is not only driven by legislation but is evidently led by Public Relations campaigns, which itself is a marketing communications tool.

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