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The renewables and sustainability industry is PR-led. Overall, sustainability and renewables supply and demand is not only driven by legislation but is evidently led by public relations campaigns. New renewable energy and technology products are launched by means of public relations, not advertising.

We see a good story when there is one and what will get results. Whether launching a new product or brand, we can develop the relationships with the right contacts and the press you should be talking to and so reach your intended publics with the right messages. And, in turn, receive your public's appreciation.

Our PR Services

The job of PR is to build profitable relationships with the public. PR is planned effort to influence opinion through acceptable performance and two-way communication.
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As examples, we have forged strategic alliances in place with companies who have developed new technologies in the field of commercial water-from-air production (domestic and industrial) and off-shore high efficiency two-bladed wind turbine technology, to name a few. See also our pages on the marketing of renewables technologies and venture funding.

Events and exhibitions

These days, exhibitions and events have to be worked at to generate results. Gone are the days when one could turn up to an event and walk away with another folder of leads and orders. We provide expert support in the form of pre-event planning, on the day event attendance and support, follow-up and evaluation.

If you are looking to launch a new company, division or product we can work with you on the whole project from concept to completion, or a single part such as PR or design. When managed correctly with the right messages and support activity, events can help reach new prospects and build relationships with existing customers.

Digital PR

The internet has changed the way we interact with communications. TV, newspapers and magazines now sit alongside websites and email in communicating to the public. There are particular marketing challenges faced within this sector. We offer a range of services to enhance the relevance of website pages, news stories and case studies online through a combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online content development and we can improve the effectiveness of digital PR while driving quality site traffic.

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