Robin Sansom

  • As a senior marketing leader Robin has strong strategic experience gained within both agency and client environments. Robin has delivered measurable marketing return on investment for a range of blue chip companies that he has worked in, including Saatchi & Saatchi, British Gas, British Telecom and Nortel. More recently Robin has worked as a consultant delivering a communications programme for the Cabinet Office.
  • Robin believes that innovative marketing plays a critical role in solving business challenges. No matter size, sector or age of a business. In the current climate Robin sees it as one of the only ways to stand out from the competition and grab market share.
  • Robin explained: "As Seth Godin (Marketing Guru and author of the Purple Cow) says, 'your product or service will only survive in a crowded market place if you stop advertising and start innovating'."

    Recent experience

  • Customer Retention - Using sophisticated data modelling and segmentation Robin was able to identify the top 500 companies across Europe by spend on communication and technology products / services . With this intelligence Nortel was able to focus necessary resource, effort and budget on the more profitable accounts and those that were at risk of being targeted by the competition. It also provided factual information that enabled the creation of highly targeted innovative campaigns.
  • Lead generation - Robin created a programme that enabled the delivery of qualified leads into the sales teams across the UK. Within the initial 13 months the programme had delivered $4million worth of sales leads and grew a pipeline value of over $13million.
  • Entry into new market - Robin delivered a strategy that allowed the city finance team to break into new markets, creating a dialogue and introductions to senior executives that they had previously failed to get in front of, using conventional sales techniques.
  • Channel / Partner Marketing - Robin launched the first ever dealer account managed program for BT by targeting their top resellers. Part of his offering was to deliver marketing and business consultancy to these resellers in order to encourage growth in their own business. This programme achieved a 30% response rate in a market of low awareness.
  • Brand awareness - negotiated and secured the sponsorship of 2006 BMW Formula Championship. This increased brand exposure by additional 2.5million viewers per week during race season and enabled Nortel to entertain over 70 senior executives from the top accounts.

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