Alan MacKelworth

  • Alan MacKelworth has devoted his long standing career to creating world-class networking services at senior management and board level. He is regarded by many in prominent positions as a leading authority on the subject. Alan's services and skill form an integral part of our business model. He is instrumental in providing the executive contacts and relationships required for the implementation of expansion objectives in existing markets and opening up of new channels and routes-to-market   —   globally if required.
  • During his over 30 years experience of operating in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and North America, Alan has completed networking programmes with distinguished global industry leaders and niche emerging organisations, and has built up strong long-term relationships his own alliance partners.

  • Alan said : "Executives realise that now is the time to invest in building business relationships that establish trust so they can take advantage of the economic up-turn. We operate in a world of ever more complex global multi-partner projects. Stakeholder time-scales are shortening and consolidation and acquisitions are becoming ever prevalent. Executives know the value of support with building a pipeline of strong relationships in the right places. These are needed in emerging markets and so we target the right clients".
  • With the resource of 140,000 senior professional contacts worldwide, as well as his personal contacts, Alan has provided organisations with the practical means to develop critical business relationships in the UK and throughout the world, some involving major brands. A short selection of some of the real problems Alan helped to resolve with major clients can be found here.

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